Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the processes and structure by which the business and affairs of a company are directed and managed, in order to enhance long-term shareholder value through enhancing corporate performance and accountability. Good corporate governance therefore embodies both enterprise (performance) and accountability (conformance).

Our Directors recognise the importance of corporate governance and the offering of high standards of accountability to our Shareholders and will endeavour to comply with the recommendations set out in the Code of Corporate Governance.

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Whistle-Blowing Policy

We are fully committed to conduct business with integrity which is consistent with the highest ethical standards; and a high standard of compliance with accounting ,financial reporting, internal controls, corporate governance and auditing requirements, and any legislation relating thereto. In line with this commitment, the Groupʼs Whistle-Blowing Policy aims to ensure that appropriate reporting and communication channels are available for employees and external parties to raise concerns about possible improprieties and also offer reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimisation for whistleblowing in good faith.

Our Whistle-Blowing Policy is intended to conform to the guidance set out in the Code of Corporate Governance which encourages employees to raise concerns, in confidence, about possible irregularities; and encourage proper work ethics and eradicate any internal improprieties, unethical acts, malpractices and/or fraudulent acts in the Group.

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Personal Data Protection Policy

Choo Chiang Holdings Ltd. (“CCH” and together with its subsidiaries, the “CCH Group”) respects the protection of the Personal Data of individuals and values the relationship we have with you. We are committed to accord Personal Data the due level of care as presented in our Personal Data Policies, and consistent with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

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